From an ordinary freighter to a well-known houseboat

Personal blog on Facebook

As from June 2015, the start of our adventure, I started posting weekly messages and photo's on our Facebook page and later on on Instagram as well. In the beginning we were only followed by family and friends, but because of the public character of our page an increasing number of unknown people joined it. 

Over time, I started to like writing and photographing more and more and it has gradually become my personal blog. I still love to share our adventures with others! 

The first interior viewers

November 2016: We just finished the renovation and moved in our houseboat. The first request: 'Wonen in region Amersfoort' wanted to come over for an interior report. How nice! Of course we agreed! Later on KRO/NCRV requested us to come with a camera crew and make a short film for the TV-show 'BinnensteBuiten' on NPO2. At first I hesitated. on TV? Me? Wim was enthusiastic from the beginning, so a few weeks later I contacted them to make an appointed. Luckily things worked out for the best. We got a nice document and a brand-new experience in return. 

Houseboat of the year 2016

In the meantime we had signed up for the national 'VLOT Houseboat of the year 2016' election. We and five other houseboats were selected. A five-member expert jury came on board to evaluate our Robbedoes. Guess what? We were nominated and reached the final 3. And the winner is... Houseboat The Robbedoes from Wim & Anneke. We were really suprised. They couldn't have given us a better compliment! 

The Robbedoes in the media

Throughout the years there has been a lot of attention for houseboat The Robbedoes and our story. Our Facebook page and  Instagram really contribute to our success. 

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