Welcome on board - Bed & Breakfast the Robbedoes


The proud owners

My husband Wim and I are the proud owners of houseboat Robbedoes. Since September 2016, after having changed course, we have been living on the water for the very first time in our lives. We enjoy it to the max and consider ourselves true water people. We regularly cast off to sail through the Dutch and Belgian waters. Actually, life on the Robbedoes gives us a sustainable holiday feeling. Fantastic!

Would you like to know more about the Robbedoes, get to know us better and read how we changed from landlubbers into water people? Check the button ‘Houseboat Robbedoes' on this page.

Bed & Breakfast

When we were about to convert the freighter into a houseboat my first thought was to start a Bed & Breakfast. As I fully believed in this dream, I quitted my job and started an own company around the Robbedoes. The Bed & Breakfast is a part of it.

Skipper's house

Before we purchased the Robbedoes and changed it into a houseboat it served as a freighter. The rear part of the ship, the so-called deckhouse, was used as skipper’s house. Unfortunately we didn’t use this lovely space ourselves. After all, this original skipper’s house is fitted with all modern conveniences and is decorated into the original 60’s style. That's why I decided to fulfil my dream and start a Bed & Breakfast in the deckhouse of the ship.

It’s our goal to share our life on the water at our Robbedoes with as many people as possible. After all, sharing makes us enjoy life even more!

Welcome on board!

If we are lying in our home port near the beautiful historic centre of Amersfoort, the Bed & Breakfast can be booked from Monday to Friday. We keep the weekends our floating house to ourselves.

Would you like to experience life on the water as well? We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Kind regards from the water,

Hostess Anneke and Skipper Wim