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To sleep, to be inspired and more...

About our Dream-Dare-Do story I wrote a book and published it myself in the Netherlands. And now after many of them have been sold, I dare to go international! That's why I'm happy and proud to tell you that my 97 page book is now also available in English! However, I have chosen not to have the English version printed but to publish it as an e-book.

In my webshop you can read and see more about the content. And you can order the Robbedoes book!

"With my book I hope to inspire people to fulfill their dreams as well!" Anneke

Unlimited enjoyment - The Robbedoes is our story!

Two landlubbers whose kids have left the house, are in the clichéd middle of their lives and decide to change course. They leave their stone house, their familiar birthplace and convert a freighter into a comfortable houseboat in 9 months. They mainly use old materials for the interior design. At the end of 2016 they start living on the water for the first time in their lives. He obtains the required navigation licenses so they can regularly cast off and enjoy the world in their “floating home”. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom for these new water dwellers!

Welcome to houseboat Robbedoes, the dream of me and my husband Wim!

My life as a waterwomen

By moving from house to ship, I've become a different person. That is why I quit my permanent office job and started my own business around the Robbedoes. My main goal is to inspire people and let them enjoy life on the water.

What do I do now?
At the Robbedoes; hostess Bed & Breakfast, blogger on Facebook and Instagram, publisher of the Robbedoes book, organize boat trips, entrepreneurship, tours on board, make new stuff out of used materials and all the other fun things that come along on our waterways. In addition; Instagram editor VLOTwaterwonen, caretaker of a dear young lady and Marketing & Communication at Business in Wind.
Also we, skipper Wim and I as a sailor, sail frequently to moor somewhere as a guest ship for a period of time, we take guests for a trip or for our holiday move around in the waterworld.
In short; while Wim is at the helm of his own sustainable energy company I enjoy my life as a waterwoman!

Welcome on board!
Since we live on the water we have received the media several times on board.
Hopefully this website will inspire you too and who knows, we hope to see you aboard the Robbedoes!    

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